Sunday, August 4, 2013

Seeking The Millennials......

Jennifer was admitted to the hospital with an infection originating in the C-section incision. She was put on IV antibiotics and after church we headed to the hospital to see how things were going. Thankfully the doctors felt the meds were working and she would be discharged by evening. They anticipate slow healing but she is beginning to feel better. We got to see little Harper, soooo cute!

Returning home it was a slow moving afternoon.....very hot outside and after finishing some necessary chores Thom retreated to the house. Like most Sundays not very much gets done between church and church.

Holston Creek is revamping our services and replacing evening service tonight was a meeting to discuss the proposed schedule adjustments. I'm not fond of change but I can live with the new format so we listened attentively and will vote in 2 weeks. Our 11 a.m. (formally 10:15) will be a more contemporary style while the 8:45 (formally 8:00) will remain traditional both in dress and music. SS will fit between at 10:00. I still don't understand the desire to conform to the world.....seems opposite of what the bible tells us! But, if a change to more upbeat (yet worshipful) music will draw more people to hear the gospel and the suit and dress being replaced with business casual attire attracts younger adults to listen to God's Word, I'll deal with my hangups.

Home late so no time for a walk.....matzos and cream cheese hit the snack spot.

Ready for bed......

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