Sunday, October 2, 2016

Taking A Stand......

A surprise text brought plans for Stefanie to come and spend the day with us. Just an easy going, chatty day. We did a bit of shopping to check out new flooring for her kitchen and living room, had a yummy dinner, took a long walk and relaxed the evening away over tea in the cool night air. Perfect!

Worship and SS this morning and off to Spartanburg for Life Chain. As always it was an inspirational and enjoyable hour  simply holding tasteful pro-life signs along a well traveled roadway. About 175 people participated, a somewhat disappointing number. It is such a simple way to stand for life yet no matter how hard we try it is difficult to get people off their butts to make their voices heard. Frustrating! Babies are being slaughtered.....literally torn apart.....!!!!!

We cashed in an Olive Garden gift card for a delicious meal. Debra and Greg joined us. Good afternoon with tons of friends.

Pretty much exhausted. Going to be an early night.

Feeling very blessed.......

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sunshiney Days......

Thursday was this month's opening of the Promise Point store. I had purchased dozens of sweatshirts and a few jackets at Mighty Dollar and there were tons of donated tee shirts and other goodies. Nancy and I needed 45 minutes just to unload the car and stock the shelves but it was soooo worth the effort. Clients had a great shopping experience in our little "retail" outlet and nearly 20 "customers" made purchases with their earned Promise Points. We closed up shop at 11:30 and spent more time repacking my van with extra diapers that had been stored in the woman's dormitory clothes closet but had taken over too much space. What a windfall for CPC! I delivered them there and eventually headed home by mid-afternoon. It is so cool to have ministries share blessings so each can reach those in need.

Thom played golf early Friday and enjoyed a high school football game in the evening. He worked on all kinds of house stuff in between. I had a list to take care of and totally enjoyed not leaving the premises for an entire day.

Not certain what this Saturday will bring but gearing up for a full and rewarding Sunday. 

The Lord has provided such joy in my life. Undeserved blessing everywhere .....


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Week's Beginning........

Monday was an early haircut and a day of odds and ends. Just stuff!

MOPS yesterday was another great turnout. It was the "musical mentors" meeting which is always fun. We (the mentors) move from table to table answering questions from the young moms and (supposedly) sharing some words of wisdom along with life stories and experiences. We only get 5-7 minutes with each group and there were 7 tables crammed with 10-12 girls each so time for conversation was brief. It was wonderful though and connections were made. I am hoping to get to know as many girls as possible more intimately.

Thom and I drove to Spartanburg to put up the Life Chain poster at the church where we gather on Sunday. Next we loaded up CPC donations from the warehouse and finally returned about 4 for the evening.

Good morning today at CPC while Thom golfed. No afternoon clients but I hung out and helped till mid-afternoon. 

Time to start dinner and off to prayer meeting.....

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Feeling Rich......

A quick muffin for everyone and we were on our way to Asheville by 9:30. It wasn't a super long trip although the Gastonia crowd had already been on the road over an hour to get here. 

By 11:00 we were doing selfies on the estate grounds and enjoying the beautiful weather God had provided for our girls day out. The crowds were not nearly as bad as I had feared for a Saturday. We spent about 1.5 - 2 hours touring the house before feasting on a delicious lunch in the Stable Cafe.....great food and great company. We wandered through the shops and meandered through the gardens just enjoying all there was to see. The heat got hold of us by 3:30 and we chilled over yummy ice cream treats in the court yard. 

Time came to head home and after winding through the estate roadways for 30 minutes we finally managed to locate the exit back to reality. An easy chicken dinner at home at 6:30 and the girls hit the road about 8 p.m.. It was the best day!!!!

This afternoon I attended a bridal shower. The CPC staff hosted the festivities so of course it was amazing.  

Relaxing tonight. Snacking like I shouldn't be.....back to diet tomorrow, just in the sweets mood tonight.

So thankful for my loving daughters and granddaughters. Love them so much....thank you Lord......


Friday, September 23, 2016

Full Day......

Thom had a lunch date with TJ at Bank of America stadium yesterday so on his way to Charlotte he dropped me off at my mother's house. We visited awhile and Stefanie joined us for a midday meal. I left with her and she dropped me at her house where I waited for Thom to return. 

He had a great time and once back at Stefanie's he finished removing a line of dead trees on her property line that he and Tanner had begun cutting down 2 weeks ago. Next we (now including Brian) made our next stop at Janice's for pizza. The entire family ended up at Olivia's volleyball game where she played great and her team won 3 straight. Brian coaches with Steve and does a terrific job.

Stefanie came directly from work and Thom and I waited the hour between games and stayed to watch and cheer for Emmy's team. They also won 3 straight and Emmy did an outstanding job each time she served......she was the reason they won!

It was a long but wonderfully hodge podge day. 

Today was cleaning, baking and food shopping. Preparing for "girl's day out" tomorrow at Biltmore House. Stefanie, Janice, Julia, Emmy and Olivia should be here by 9 a.m. to get started.

So blessed......


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Countless Blessings......

My schedule was clear of clients this morning but I was there for prayer time at 9:00 and dropped off the first carload of diapers, wipes and dozens of other types of items. After unloading I headed back to the warehouse to repack the car totally full. WOW! We held a brief meeting at CPC to determine how we were going to handle this weekly windfall and I see a storage building in the center's future.

A labor intensive morning  and a sweet afternoon client before coming home weary for a "breakfast for dinner" meal and off to prayer meeting.

Thom had a good golf day both in weather and winnings.

Mets vs. Braves .....hoping for a win and a shot at the wild card slot.....

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Speaking And Sharing......

I was nervous this morning. Sharing my life's journey can be a daunting task. It went well I least no one threw tomatoes! Glad it's over and hope I touched some hearts.

I left the meeting and from there went to the warehouse to pick up another load of donations for CPC. I couldn't fit it all in the car and will have to go back tomorrow at my lunch break!

Thom had a committee meeting at church and a doctor's appointment for a checkup. 

Busy, blessed day for both of us......

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