Sunday, November 20, 2016

Plain and Fancy.......

Totally enjoyed our volleyball day on Thursday. Emmy is an amazing player .....a superstar in the making. Olivia is an ace server and honing her skills with every game. We grabbed a quick bite to eat between games and got to hang out for a bit with my mom and aunt at Olivia's game.

Thom played golf on Friday. I had a mystery meeting scheduled at CPC. Alexia was vague in providing information and I was only told to dress for photos possibly to be used for the banquet presentation. I just complied with her request and showed up at the appointed time. 

Surprise! All the staff (6) and the 3 of us volunteers that had helped out on Madison's wedding day (I made lunch for 20) were treated to lunch at the Piedmont Club. Honestly, I was honored and thrilled to be asked to be part of the event and Madison & Rusty's celebration success was the only thanks necessary. 

The Piedmont Club just happens to be the most exclusive private club in Spartanburg with a famous gourmet luncheon buffet. We were seated in a private room mirroring Biltmore House decor and old money. It was beautiful and the most special times with friends I love dearly. What a great day!

The rest of the afternoon was more mundane and practical as I shopped at Aldi for our Thanksgiving menu.

Saturday Thom had the CPC Board of Directors retreat all day. I used the day to catch up on my endless list.

SS and worship this morning. Only one more New Members class and I'll be back to my children's division duties. I enjoy leading the class and getting to know the new folks but I miss the time upstairs. We ran a few errands. Cold and windy.....fall is finally here.

So blessed with precious friends and family.....

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sports and Such......

We had  a great weekend. Last minute decision to go to Brady's football game but made it a quick up and down trip. He is so fun to watch!

It was time to open the Promise Point Store at the mission again on Monday and as usual it was a success and our "customers" loved it. We  are gearing up for Christmas and hoping our SS classes will donate a bit of money for Nancy and I to shop and stock the shelves with fun items. I love that the residents at the shelter get to purchase gifts for others with their earnings and I know they love it too.

The first Bethlehem Walk practice was Monday evening. We are back in the Salt Shop. Praying for nice weather to have the opportunity to share the gospels with thousands.

Thom has been golfing and busy with house and car chores. He is always busy and I can't imagine what things would be like around here without his energy and him bunches!

MOPS was Tuesday. Some of the girls have really opened up this year and I am blessed to provide a place where they can share their burdens. It is also such a fun and uplifting place to be! 

CPC was Wednesday. Strange day as no clients kept their appointments. That happens every once in a while but I put my time to good use. I went to the warehouse to pick up donations and ran a few of my own errands. One of my old clients stopped by and I was able to spend some time with her that I would not have had. God's timing is always perfect.

A quiet evening last night. Thom had a bit of an upset tummy so we chose to miss prayer service and spend time in God's Word at home.

Today will bring another trip to Gastonia for 2 volleyball games. Emmy made the school team and Olivia is playing a second fall season in another league. It's a long trip but will likely be the last for a few weeks as the busyness and commitments of the holidays approach. Hard to believe Thanskgiving is next week! 

Quiet time now and the day will officially begin.....

Friday, November 11, 2016

Honoring Vets.....

We slept in a little this morning ....till near 8 a.m..

After a Sams Club stop we were guests at Jesse Boyd Elementary School for Carson's Veteran's Day program. It was very sweet and encouraging to see our youngsters taught to honor the sacrifices made for their freedoms.

We headed home and treated ourselves to Chinese takeout for dinner. 

Both of us busy working on our SS lessons and a bit of TV.

Praising and thanking the Lord for His hand of protection on this great country.......

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Joyous Times......

The wedding was beautiful. The day began early for me as I was requested to provide lunch for the family and attendants meaning a morning of preparing sandwiches and fixin's that Thom and I delivered to the venue at noon.

Upon arriving with the meal I was thrilled to find an old CPC client of mine was coordinating the event. When her child aged out of the EWYL program she was working as a CNA and aspiring to create a party planning business. It had been 4 years since our last meeting and I was beyond excited to see her success!

We returned at 3:00 for the ceremony and celebration. Great food and great company. We provided a ride home for Alexia's mom and landed exhausted at Camp Carney near 9:00 p.m..

Up and on our way to Gastonia after worship and SS on Sunday. Four birthdays.....they loved the cakes and I am so blessed with these precious grandchildren.

Monday was a haircut and household duties while Thom golfed. We had a fun dinner with Colleen and Mike and the kids at Fuddruckers where a fundraiser for a men's ministry we are a part of was being held. What a fun time.

Tuesday, election day I avoided the relentless news coverage with a trip to Gastonia and full day with Brian, Olivia and Brady. We shopped for their OCC boxes and simply enjoyed a day together. We shared pizza with my mom and aunt and after hours at the store that endeavor ended. I joined the Kahns at Olivia's volleyball game then headed home.

We remained awake till midnight and woke up at 2 a.m. to ascertain results but didn't enjoy the moment of victory till 6:00 when we got out of bed. So thankful the Lord has seen fit to keep this country from the total moral destruction of the democratic platform. Praying for Trump.

Wednesday was an unheard of day off from CPC. Clients had cancelled and rescheduled so I had the full day. Knowing that, I had made plans to have a dinner guest, an old high school friend I hadn't seen in 50 years. Amazingly his mother lives in the next town and he was here visiting her and called me. He has been living in Michigan since Viet Nam and we managed to reconnect through the class reunion FB page. It would have been so great to see him again but as luck would have it he fell ill and had to cancel. He'll be back in April so hopefully we can have him visit Camp Carney in the spring.

This morning was errands and a quick visit to CPC to drop off a cake donation for another fundraiser and pick up the scholarship applications. Six EWYL clients applied for the $500 Barbara Baldwin Scholarship and it is going to be a hard job deciding who is most deserving. Thom and I will meet with Debra and Alexia one day next week to make the choice. 

A walk and odds and ends for the remainder of the day. 

So much to do and so blessed with ways to serve our Lord......

Friday, November 4, 2016

Guilty As Charged......

I have been lazy and unattentive to this little blog .....guilty as charged!
So here in a nutshell is the past month:
 - 4 ministry banquets in October, the best of which was Young Life in Gastonia where Brian is an active member. This great ministry shares the Gospel with high school age kids and does amazing work bringing the Word to a sometimes forgotten demographic.
-near a dozen MOPS meetings, CPC days, and Miracle Hill hours .....blessings beyond measure.
-Thom had board meetings, golf outings and playing repair man at both a neighbor's house and CPC.
-Fall Festival at church, SS breakfast and a Men's ministry supper. 
-trips to Gastonia and time with family.

Two unique events:
Hurricane Matthew arrived on the east coast and with it came the migration of Edd and Kathy from Charleston seeking safe shelter. They arrived Thursday the 6th and we enjoyed their company till Monday the 9th. They joined us to go to Gastonia for a visit with my mom and 2 volleyball games (Olivia and Emmy's....each a win!) and we spent an evening at Colleen's house where they met Carson and Lylah for the first time. Although unplanned and forced by mother nature it was a fun visit!

On the 20th of October, Thom and I made the long anticipated trip to Kentucky/Ohio to see Noah's Ark and revisit the Creation Museum. The ark was so impressive in size (huge is an understatement) and pretty cool to see the tools and innovations that Noah and his family likely utilized in feeding and caring for their animal charges. 
We spent the night and the next morning toured the museum.....I love that place!
Since we had previously experienced many of the extra attractions at the museum we finished rather quickly. As for the ark, there is much construction left to be done (they are building the tower of Babel as well as a theater and zoo) so that experience was only a few hours also. We had the benefit of minimal crowds at both places so there were no lines and no waiting....definitely picked a good time of year to visit. We headed home on Friday afternoon.

Not much more noteworthy.

A wedding tomorrow and the celebration of 4 birthdays on Sunday for which I have spent at least a dozen hours toiling over 4 different theme cakes (as per each child's request).

Busy and blessed as always......

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Taking A Stand......

A surprise text brought plans for Stefanie to come and spend the day with us. Just an easy going, chatty day. We did a bit of shopping to check out new flooring for her kitchen and living room, had a yummy dinner, took a long walk and relaxed the evening away over tea in the cool night air. Perfect!

Worship and SS this morning and off to Spartanburg for Life Chain. As always it was an inspirational and enjoyable hour  simply holding tasteful pro-life signs along a well traveled roadway. About 175 people participated, a somewhat disappointing number. It is such a simple way to stand for life yet no matter how hard we try it is difficult to get people off their butts to make their voices heard. Frustrating! Babies are being slaughtered.....literally torn apart.....!!!!!

We cashed in an Olive Garden gift card for a delicious meal. Debra and Greg joined us. Good afternoon with tons of friends.

Pretty much exhausted. Going to be an early night.

Feeling very blessed.......

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sunshiney Days......

Thursday was this month's opening of the Promise Point store. I had purchased dozens of sweatshirts and a few jackets at Mighty Dollar and there were tons of donated tee shirts and other goodies. Nancy and I needed 45 minutes just to unload the car and stock the shelves but it was soooo worth the effort. Clients had a great shopping experience in our little "retail" outlet and nearly 20 "customers" made purchases with their earned Promise Points. We closed up shop at 11:30 and spent more time repacking my van with extra diapers that had been stored in the woman's dormitory clothes closet but had taken over too much space. What a windfall for CPC! I delivered them there and eventually headed home by mid-afternoon. It is so cool to have ministries share blessings so each can reach those in need.

Thom played golf early Friday and enjoyed a high school football game in the evening. He worked on all kinds of house stuff in between. I had a list to take care of and totally enjoyed not leaving the premises for an entire day.

Not certain what this Saturday will bring but gearing up for a full and rewarding Sunday. 

The Lord has provided such joy in my life. Undeserved blessing everywhere .....


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