Sunday, November 20, 2016

Plain and Fancy.......

Totally enjoyed our volleyball day on Thursday. Emmy is an amazing player .....a superstar in the making. Olivia is an ace server and honing her skills with every game. We grabbed a quick bite to eat between games and got to hang out for a bit with my mom and aunt at Olivia's game.

Thom played golf on Friday. I had a mystery meeting scheduled at CPC. Alexia was vague in providing information and I was only told to dress for photos possibly to be used for the banquet presentation. I just complied with her request and showed up at the appointed time. 

Surprise! All the staff (6) and the 3 of us volunteers that had helped out on Madison's wedding day (I made lunch for 20) were treated to lunch at the Piedmont Club. Honestly, I was honored and thrilled to be asked to be part of the event and Madison & Rusty's celebration success was the only thanks necessary. 

The Piedmont Club just happens to be the most exclusive private club in Spartanburg with a famous gourmet luncheon buffet. We were seated in a private room mirroring Biltmore House decor and old money. It was beautiful and the most special times with friends I love dearly. What a great day!

The rest of the afternoon was more mundane and practical as I shopped at Aldi for our Thanksgiving menu.

Saturday Thom had the CPC Board of Directors retreat all day. I used the day to catch up on my endless list.

SS and worship this morning. Only one more New Members class and I'll be back to my children's division duties. I enjoy leading the class and getting to know the new folks but I miss the time upstairs. We ran a few errands. Cold and windy.....fall is finally here.

So blessed with precious friends and family.....

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