Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sports and Such......

We had  a great weekend. Last minute decision to go to Brady's football game but made it a quick up and down trip. He is so fun to watch!

It was time to open the Promise Point Store at the mission again on Monday and as usual it was a success and our "customers" loved it. We  are gearing up for Christmas and hoping our SS classes will donate a bit of money for Nancy and I to shop and stock the shelves with fun items. I love that the residents at the shelter get to purchase gifts for others with their earnings and I know they love it too.

The first Bethlehem Walk practice was Monday evening. We are back in the Salt Shop. Praying for nice weather to have the opportunity to share the gospels with thousands.

Thom has been golfing and busy with house and car chores. He is always busy and I can't imagine what things would be like around here without his energy and him bunches!

MOPS was Tuesday. Some of the girls have really opened up this year and I am blessed to provide a place where they can share their burdens. It is also such a fun and uplifting place to be! 

CPC was Wednesday. Strange day as no clients kept their appointments. That happens every once in a while but I put my time to good use. I went to the warehouse to pick up donations and ran a few of my own errands. One of my old clients stopped by and I was able to spend some time with her that I would not have had. God's timing is always perfect.

A quiet evening last night. Thom had a bit of an upset tummy so we chose to miss prayer service and spend time in God's Word at home.

Today will bring another trip to Gastonia for 2 volleyball games. Emmy made the school team and Olivia is playing a second fall season in another league. It's a long trip but will likely be the last for a few weeks as the busyness and commitments of the holidays approach. Hard to believe Thanskgiving is next week! 

Quiet time now and the day will officially begin.....

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