Sunday, October 2, 2016

Taking A Stand......

A surprise text brought plans for Stefanie to come and spend the day with us. Just an easy going, chatty day. We did a bit of shopping to check out new flooring for her kitchen and living room, had a yummy dinner, took a long walk and relaxed the evening away over tea in the cool night air. Perfect!

Worship and SS this morning and off to Spartanburg for Life Chain. As always it was an inspirational and enjoyable hour  simply holding tasteful pro-life signs along a well traveled roadway. About 175 people participated, a somewhat disappointing number. It is such a simple way to stand for life yet no matter how hard we try it is difficult to get people off their butts to make their voices heard. Frustrating! Babies are being slaughtered.....literally torn apart.....!!!!!

We cashed in an Olive Garden gift card for a delicious meal. Debra and Greg joined us. Good afternoon with tons of friends.

Pretty much exhausted. Going to be an early night.

Feeling very blessed.......

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