Friday, November 4, 2016

Guilty As Charged......

I have been lazy and unattentive to this little blog .....guilty as charged!
So here in a nutshell is the past month:
 - 4 ministry banquets in October, the best of which was Young Life in Gastonia where Brian is an active member. This great ministry shares the Gospel with high school age kids and does amazing work bringing the Word to a sometimes forgotten demographic.
-near a dozen MOPS meetings, CPC days, and Miracle Hill hours .....blessings beyond measure.
-Thom had board meetings, golf outings and playing repair man at both a neighbor's house and CPC.
-Fall Festival at church, SS breakfast and a Men's ministry supper. 
-trips to Gastonia and time with family.

Two unique events:
Hurricane Matthew arrived on the east coast and with it came the migration of Edd and Kathy from Charleston seeking safe shelter. They arrived Thursday the 6th and we enjoyed their company till Monday the 9th. They joined us to go to Gastonia for a visit with my mom and 2 volleyball games (Olivia and Emmy's....each a win!) and we spent an evening at Colleen's house where they met Carson and Lylah for the first time. Although unplanned and forced by mother nature it was a fun visit!

On the 20th of October, Thom and I made the long anticipated trip to Kentucky/Ohio to see Noah's Ark and revisit the Creation Museum. The ark was so impressive in size (huge is an understatement) and pretty cool to see the tools and innovations that Noah and his family likely utilized in feeding and caring for their animal charges. 
We spent the night and the next morning toured the museum.....I love that place!
Since we had previously experienced many of the extra attractions at the museum we finished rather quickly. As for the ark, there is much construction left to be done (they are building the tower of Babel as well as a theater and zoo) so that experience was only a few hours also. We had the benefit of minimal crowds at both places so there were no lines and no waiting....definitely picked a good time of year to visit. We headed home on Friday afternoon.

Not much more noteworthy.

A wedding tomorrow and the celebration of 4 birthdays on Sunday for which I have spent at least a dozen hours toiling over 4 different theme cakes (as per each child's request).

Busy and blessed as always......

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