Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sunshiney Days......

Thursday was this month's opening of the Promise Point store. I had purchased dozens of sweatshirts and a few jackets at Mighty Dollar and there were tons of donated tee shirts and other goodies. Nancy and I needed 45 minutes just to unload the car and stock the shelves but it was soooo worth the effort. Clients had a great shopping experience in our little "retail" outlet and nearly 20 "customers" made purchases with their earned Promise Points. We closed up shop at 11:30 and spent more time repacking my van with extra diapers that had been stored in the woman's dormitory clothes closet but had taken over too much space. What a windfall for CPC! I delivered them there and eventually headed home by mid-afternoon. It is so cool to have ministries share blessings so each can reach those in need.

Thom played golf early Friday and enjoyed a high school football game in the evening. He worked on all kinds of house stuff in between. I had a list to take care of and totally enjoyed not leaving the premises for an entire day.

Not certain what this Saturday will bring but gearing up for a full and rewarding Sunday. 

The Lord has provided such joy in my life. Undeserved blessing everywhere .....


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