Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Week's Beginning........

Monday was an early haircut and a day of odds and ends. Just stuff!

MOPS yesterday was another great turnout. It was the "musical mentors" meeting which is always fun. We (the mentors) move from table to table answering questions from the young moms and (supposedly) sharing some words of wisdom along with life stories and experiences. We only get 5-7 minutes with each group and there were 7 tables crammed with 10-12 girls each so time for conversation was brief. It was wonderful though and connections were made. I am hoping to get to know as many girls as possible more intimately.

Thom and I drove to Spartanburg to put up the Life Chain poster at the church where we gather on Sunday. Next we loaded up CPC donations from the warehouse and finally returned about 4 for the evening.

Good morning today at CPC while Thom golfed. No afternoon clients but I hung out and helped till mid-afternoon. 

Time to start dinner and off to prayer meeting.....

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