Sunday, September 25, 2016

Feeling Rich......

A quick muffin for everyone and we were on our way to Asheville by 9:30. It wasn't a super long trip although the Gastonia crowd had already been on the road over an hour to get here. 

By 11:00 we were doing selfies on the estate grounds and enjoying the beautiful weather God had provided for our girls day out. The crowds were not nearly as bad as I had feared for a Saturday. We spent about 1.5 - 2 hours touring the house before feasting on a delicious lunch in the Stable Cafe.....great food and great company. We wandered through the shops and meandered through the gardens just enjoying all there was to see. The heat got hold of us by 3:30 and we chilled over yummy ice cream treats in the court yard. 

Time came to head home and after winding through the estate roadways for 30 minutes we finally managed to locate the exit back to reality. An easy chicken dinner at home at 6:30 and the girls hit the road about 8 p.m.. It was the best day!!!!

This afternoon I attended a bridal shower. The CPC staff hosted the festivities so of course it was amazing.  

Relaxing tonight. Snacking like I shouldn't be.....back to diet tomorrow, just in the sweets mood tonight.

So thankful for my loving daughters and granddaughters. Love them so much....thank you Lord......


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