Friday, September 23, 2016

Full Day......

Thom had a lunch date with TJ at Bank of America stadium yesterday so on his way to Charlotte he dropped me off at my mother's house. We visited awhile and Stefanie joined us for a midday meal. I left with her and she dropped me at her house where I waited for Thom to return. 

He had a great time and once back at Stefanie's he finished removing a line of dead trees on her property line that he and Tanner had begun cutting down 2 weeks ago. Next we (now including Brian) made our next stop at Janice's for pizza. The entire family ended up at Olivia's volleyball game where she played great and her team won 3 straight. Brian coaches with Steve and does a terrific job.

Stefanie came directly from work and Thom and I waited the hour between games and stayed to watch and cheer for Emmy's team. They also won 3 straight and Emmy did an outstanding job each time she served......she was the reason they won!

It was a long but wonderfully hodge podge day. 

Today was cleaning, baking and food shopping. Preparing for "girl's day out" tomorrow at Biltmore House. Stefanie, Janice, Julia, Emmy and Olivia should be here by 9 a.m. to get started.

So blessed......


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