Saturday, October 19, 2013

Shared Love......

Another long and rather difficult day. My mom is holding up okay. Thom and I took her to the funeral home where we met with the director for more then 2 hours making arrangements. Once done, we returned to my aunts for lunch and time to finalize the obituary.

My parents are so blessed to have such wonderful neighbors. More food was brought then could be eaten in a weeks time and it just seemed to keep coming. Eight or nine of the neighbors appeared at my aunts to make deliveries and provide hugs and sympathetic shoulders for my mom to lean on. Stefanie, Janice and the rest of the family spent the afternoon there as well.

By dinner time my mom was overwhelmed and returned to her house for some alone time.....we stayed behind for a while but when we got there she had been attended to by two other neighbor ladies who had stopped by separately just to check on her.

Thom and I finally headed home as she was ready for some solitude, a cup of tea and some rest.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring. My uncle is arriving from Florida and the girls are going to spend time there. We will return Monday definitely and services and visitation is scheduled for Tuesday.

I am so grateful for all the sweet words and love poured out to us by family and strengthens our hearts to hear from those who care.

So easy to see God's blessings even in these times of grief.....

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