Friday, November 15, 2013

Home Sweet Home......

What a good but tiring week I have had.  I took the kids back to their house on Monday and hit the road for home after dropping them at school this morning. Their other grandma picked them up at the bus stop this afternoon and will provide care and entertainment till Janice and Steve return on Sunday.

We did all sorts of things and were constantly on the go. Time with my mom and also Stefanie and the kiddies, homework, games, walks, a bit of holiday shopping and of course daily chores kept me busy. The only item missing from my week was sleep.....just can't seem to sleep soundly when I have the little ones leaving me with only 3-4 hours of zzzzz's per night.

Glad to be home with Thom and snooze in my own bed tonight. Tons of catch up chores to do but that's okay.

Thank you Lord for the enjoyment and love of my sweet and precious grandchildren.....

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