Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First Day......

We welcomed in the New Year with what has now become the routine trip to Gastonia ........each time I make the trip I wish we could just move there or at least lived closer.

This trip was not for any celebration. My aunt was required to accompany her physical therapist to her home to review her living situation prior to her release from rehab. She requested we be there so we were. It surprised us that they would do this walk through on New Year's day but it actually worked out well for our schedule. She did pretty well making it around the house but when it was suggested she spend a week or two at my mom's the therapist jumped on that idea. She did an assessment of my mother's home and rendered it much more suitable for my aunt's needs (no stairs and wider hallways and doors). It was determined that after another week or two at the center she will abide with my mother for an additional 2 - 3 weeks then likely be near 100% and ready for her own abode.

Dinner was take out back at the facility and shortly after we arrived Janice, Steve and the kids made an appearance. It was great to see their sweet faces and share a few laughs and hugs.

Finally back home.....

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