Sunday, January 12, 2014

Good Days......

Friday night was so fun. We ladies beat the guys at Sequence (after 9 games) and enjoyed every minute of our 5 victories.

Yesterday was another spent in Gastonia. Thom constructed a railing in my aunt's home to assist her when she is eventually released from rehab. It took him the entire day but was it was a masterful job! I joined the family along with my mom and Stefanie at Brady's first basketball game.....the kid is a natural athlete and such a hoot to watch. We lunched at my mother's where Thom took a well deserved labor break.

After our midday meal Brady became his grandpa's work buddy, Janice was a work, Steve and Olivia did their own thing and I went back to Stefanie's house to help load Christmas decorations into the attic.

We all reunited for a roast chicken meal deal at the Kahn's and after a full and fantastic day Thom and I left for home.

Early service, SS and a disappointing Panther game. Preparing a quick meal then we're back to church to begin our small group study "gods at war".

Looking forward to learning more about meeting life's secular challenges and living a life that draws me closer to the Lord each day......

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