Monday, January 6, 2014

Polar Vortex......

Quiet weekend. So quiet I can't remember much of what we did.....maybe just a senior moment!

Lyman is heading for record cold temperatures tonight and it's been nippy all day. I had an early doctor appointment and after lunch Thom and I took a brief trip to the store but for the most part we stayed warm by the fire.

Janice is leading her church small group in the "Not a Fan" bible study and Thom has been busy sprucing up his notes from our class to assist her. I am so proud of and grateful for how far she has come in her walk with the Lord. She'll do a great job with this amazing and motivating series.

Took a blogging break.....power disappeared for a few hours. We stayed warm by the fireplace but were not looking forward to spending the coldest night in years without light and heat. Duke power did their job and we are electrified once again.

I've been busy with my 2015 Scripture verse studies for CPC. Sounds crazy since we just began the new year but when I'm motivated I want to accomplish as much as I can. Finished 2 months and March and April just need to have finishing touches.

Rangers on TV......hope they win and Thom is happy.

Thankful for shelter and warmth. Prayers for those who find themselves without those simple necessities......

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