Tuesday, March 25, 2014

About Town.......

Thom had a much more interesting Monday then I did. While I enjoyed a day with Divot just doing Monday chores (although we did get in a walk), Thom spent his day at the doctor. Not that it was interesting but it was time consuming. He needed an ultrasound on his kidneys just as a follow up to his bout with stones last year. A bit of a question as to the results so he will undergo a CAT scan next week but the doctor thinks what has shown up on the sonogram is simply a pre-existing cyst. Checking to be certain.

A brief stop at home and he was back in Spartanburg attending an evening CPC Board of Directors meeting. Such a busy bee.

This morning it was I who hit the road heading to Miracle Hill. A bit of food shopping afterward and now home to bake for Becky's bake sale.

Rainy and cold again.....where oh where is spring??.......

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