Thursday, March 13, 2014

Almost Over.....

This week has past by without a posting.....oh well.

All things considered it was a good week. Monday we spent in Gastonia .....morning with my mother and afternoon and dinner with all the kiddies. Therapeutic being with the little ones, Stefanie, Janice and Steve.

Tuesday after my mission morning we had a surprise lunch visitor. Alexia dropped in and we had an enjoyable hour or so of  chit chat. Off to Rock Hill to celebrate 3 Carney birthdays. Great time with the grands and TJ and Terra.

Yesterday was a full day at CPC. We began a lunchtime Bible methods of searching God's Word.... a blessing. The morning rain cleared enough for Thom's senior golfing and since my day ran long our dinner consisted of tuna sandwiches. Prayer meeting and back home ready to chill.

Catch up day today.....busy, busy, busy........

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