Monday, April 14, 2014

Party Time......

We had an amazing time on Saturday. A yard full of precious grandchildren, family and friends.  The pedal boat and canoe have never gotten such a workout! Almost all the kids were out on the lake under their own seeing them grow and have fun! We took a number of pontoon cruises and  were surprised to be treated to a photo-op with the Easter bunny as Thom docked the boat to crash an Easter party on another shore. Tons of food, corn hole challenges, basketball, baseball and other games. Crumb cake and a chorus of Happy Birthday to dedicate the day to Thom.

When darkness finally brought us indoors only the Kahns and Tarantinos remained and we laughed the rest of the night away with Minute to Win It games I had prepared. Near 10 p.m. the tail lights illuminated the driveway as all headed home.

That was not the end however. The call came about 11 that Stefanie had a breakdown on I85 condense the story: Thom and I rescued the family, followed the wrecker and didn't get home to bed till 4 a.m..

I managed to rise for SS hour as I needed to meet with our SS director about filling a vacancy but napped for an hour in the afternoon. We cleaned and finally got the house and grounds back to normal. Ended our bizarre Sunday with our small group study....excellent!

Thank you Lord for keeping our beloved motorists safe and providing blessings even in a crisis.....You are soooo good.....

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