Monday, June 9, 2014

Feel Good Lunch......

We shared a quiet Sunday ......back to normal......our own SS class, worship service and Sunday evening in the sanctuary.

Today on the other hand got moving early with a haircut at 9 a.m.. When I left the house Thom was already hard at work power washing the house. I stopped by briefly to pack a lunch and he was still laboring in the steadily increasing heat of the day.

A few of us from CPC went to visit Phyllis at her house. We each supplied our own lunch so no preparations would be required on her part. She is still in some pain but it was great to see her vertical! We enjoyed munching and chatting for near 2 hours and left her in good spirits.

Baking for me this afternoon. CPC is helping feed law enforcement workers on Thursday and loads of cakes are still needed. Right up my alley. Thom finished his work day with car stuff .

Biking after dinner. Ranger hockey to occupy the evening.

Series is 2 - 0 Kings........not so good. Need a NY win......

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