Thursday, June 19, 2014


Tuesday was a golfing day for Thom with a few of his buddies. I went to the mission then Aldi's.
With the wood unloaded from the trailer work began on the deck after our afternoon pool dip.

Yesterday was super full. Once more the links called Thom's name along with 40 of his senior friends for their weekly game. After "play" came the work....he managed to plant the deck footings in the ground surviving the intense summer heat and a brief thunderstorm.

I enjoyed a great day of service at CPC and early evening gathered with 13 of my CPC "sistas" for a Chonda Piece comedy concert. I must admit I had never heard of her before but she was a riot and it was an evening of constant laughter. What fun!

Parking lot jams got me home well after 11:00......late for this old gal but worth it.

Thank You Lord for work and play......

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Terra Carney said...

I'm glad to hear you say you liked her. I have never heard if her either but I am going to see her in September- now I'm really looking forward to it!! :)


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