Saturday, July 26, 2014


Can hardly remember 5 days past.....hum.....

Becky is on a mission trip to Uganda. She gave me keys to her office so I spent my Tuesday at the mission doing my usual stuff. Shopped on the way home for a few odds and ends then a day of mini projects.

Great day at CPC on Wednesday......what would I do without my sisters in Christ? Don't want to even think about my time there. Yucky brand of frozen pizza for a quick dinner and prayer service.

Up and out early Thursday for an 8:30 dental appointment.  Hit the grocery store sales as I headed home. Can't recall the rest of the day so it must have been uneventful.

Thom and I hit the road near 7 a.m. for Gastonia on Friday. It was a full day of babysitting for my precious Olivia and Brady. Thom accompanied my aunt car shopping to provide some expert advise and we met up on and off during the day. The kiddies and I stopped at my moms in the morning and after lunch frolicked in the subdivision pool for some of the afternoon. Between time Brady stayed with Thom to be his helper as he did some handyman work at my mother's and Stefanie's houses and Olivia and I did a bit of food shopping. It was a fun day with them which culminated at my aunt's house where she made dinner for us all including Stefanie who came after work.

We slept in till 8 today. Thom mounted the new lattice on the deck, I did laundry etc. Today's lunch was at a local middle school, a fundraiser for the assistant principal whose family suffered a horrific car accident resulting in their son's death and severe injuries to other family members. The turnout was amazing.....praise the Lord! More deck work afterward but we both took a break for a sweet nap.

Ready for bed.....

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