Friday, July 18, 2014

Wet And Paint.....

The rain did not deter us from a full day of projects.

I started with paint brush in hand shortly after 8 in the morning and finished by late afternoon. Emmy is staking claim to a desk we have been storing in the attic (generously donated to her by the Kahns, the rightful owners) and I scrubbed it down and repainted the drawer nobs to match her revamped bedroom. She also requested I repaint a couple of shelves in her new colors. Everything came out great and will be delivered tomorrow.

Thom worked diligently on the boat motor. He stood waist high in the lake making engine repairs. One mishap landed him totally in the water with wallet, phone and sunglasses sinking into the muck! He managed to rescue them and surprisingly the phone survived 10 minutes submerged under the dock with no glitches.

A variety of leftovers made for an easy dinner.

More chores to be done before the day's end.....

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