Wednesday, August 13, 2014


It was a full client day at CPC and kept me on the go. Lots of issues to deal with today. Many of my clients tend to blame the world for their troubles and guiding them toward personal responsibility is always difficult. Without the presence of the Holy Spirit in those mentoring rooms I would be lost!
I was excited to see a sweet client who has returned with a second it when we can reunite and see those precious little ones that have grown during their time away. So glad she loved CPC enough to join us once again in the EWYL program.

To accommodate a client with a late work schedule my last appointment was scheduled to begin at 3:30 making for a late exit. Home after 5.

Thom's senior golf was very well attended and he also had a long day. Back in the water afterward attempting a new repair strategy......still no luck.

Reheated pizza, prayer meeting, Duck Dynasty.

Thank You Lord........

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