Saturday, August 16, 2014

Kiddie Busy........

Poor Kasi. At 17 years old to have a kidney stone.....ugh. She will remain in the hospital till Sunday but when Thom and I went up this afternoon she looked good and although sleepy from meds had a positive outlook on her situation.

Thom stayed at the hospital with her for a while yesterday morning to allow Jennifer time to get Brandi's class schedule and other middle school business. I remained home to entertain Cheryl and her clan along with the mini Bishops. We had an active day of all that Camp Carney has to offer. The weather was beautiful so it was a totally outdoor day. Our dinner plans changed on short notice and I packed up the makings for our evening meal and prepared the repast at Colleen's house. Real gourmet dogs and trimmings! We hung out there and eventually said our farewells.

Full day of cleaning and food prep for company tomorrow. A welcome break when we crossed town to visit Kasi and Chinese take out to end the day......not really, more chores afterward.

Finally crashing with a Met game.....

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