Sunday, August 10, 2014


Strong coffee perked everyone up for training that begin at 8:30 yesterday morning. To say the least it was intense, providing tons of information and guidance in presenting the "Forgiven and Set Free" bible study to women suffering through post abortion issues. The class utilized every moment right to the conclusion at 5:30.

Bodily exhausted from sitting on metal folding chairs for 9 hours and on mental overload I opted for a sandwich and chips dinner meal. Thankful for an accommodating husband!

Thom had also had a helter skelter day beginning with a trip to Rock Hill to share in Ruthie's 1st birthday party. He enjoyed to playtime with the kiddies at a local park and spending a bit of time with TJ and Terra. Late afternoon had him home picking up where his chore list left off.

Great morning service and SS. The rainy day will provide time for laundry and other household projects.

Thank You sweet Lord for all our blessings.....

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