Friday, September 12, 2014

There And Here......

Overcast skies and a quiet Wednesday at CPC. All my clients kept their appointments and my final young lady stayed to shop leaving me to head home near 5:00. Not complaining.

Thursday morning was OCC registration. They finally dealt with all the glitches and we had our spots in a matter of seconds. So looking forward to our Christmastime tradition. Thom had a morning meeting at CPC regarding the upcoming golf tournament and after a quick lunch we drove to Gastonia. Had an afternoon visit with my mother and aunt before time at Janice's. Brady got his first golf lesson from his Grandpa.....Thom said he did cute. We all gathered at Stefanie's for deep dish and set off for Belmont Middle School where we watched Emmy play volleyball and defeat the other team 3 games in a row. Excellent! Long ride home then sleep. 

Full day today. Home work both in and out. Some time at the church working in the pantry then a visit to Walmart. Yummy chicken dinner.

Another day on the run tomorrow......

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