Friday, November 21, 2014

Just A Little Behind.......

Mission day Tuesday. After time in Becky's office I went down to the converted triage room which has been designated the new "store". Karina and I sorted through some bags of toys and discussed set up plans. I hope this is as successful a project as I had in mind at it's inception. Lots of work ahead but looking forward to the clients earning their own gifts for family and friends. 

Our first Bethlehem Walk practice was held at 7 o'clock and went well....going to be fun!

Full day at CPC Wednesday.All my clients kept their appointments and I was busy from the moment I entered the building. Bible study at lunch. Powerful discussions, amazing blessing.

Thursday was an errand and chore day for both Thom and I. The evening was spent at the "Piedmont Club", the exclusive and ritzy  place to dine in Spartanburg. We were there for a fundraising banquet for the Boy Scouts. I am no longer a supporter of that organization since there approval of gay leaders but we attended as a favor to a friend. The food was good.....tiny servings to make it appear classy.....but the rest was terrible. It was an auction (which we didn't know) of items far out of our price range and a raffle with minimum priced ticket books of $100.  Never again.

Thom played an extra day of golf today. I started my baking and organizing for Thanksgiving. So much to do.

Praising God for His power and mercy, trusting Him in everything......


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