Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sale Day......

The Promise Point store at Miracle Hill Rescue Mission opened for business at 8:30 yesterday morning. I knew it was God approved when the first client was a gentleman who used all his points to purchase the bike and then proceeded to take it to the women's dormitory office and donate it for one of the resident children to have for Christmas. WOW!

I was so grateful to have my friend Nancy helping out. About 10 male residents came to shop and 7 or 8 of the ladies. The assortment of offerings filled a number shelves and our customers were pleased. The mission did not get donations as hoped but Nancy and I took orders for the men's and women's gift bags and are busy doing them ourselves to be delivered next week. How can we not? The clients seemed genuinely thrilled at the opportunity to have earned gifts for their family members. Thom was sweet enough to solicit cash donations from his Wednesday golfing crowd and I will be adding some boys toys to the shelves with that money. 

We open again next Tuesday and if our stock holds out we will also open the Monday before Christmas for those "last minute" shoppers. I am hoping the word and enthusiasm will spread among the residents and items will flood in through motivated givers.

Great morning at CPC (office only open half day) and as I shared the success of Miracle Hill I received other donations for our gift bags. The Lord just gives and gives.

Bethlehem Walk practice tonight for me. It's going to be cold .....practicing to try and stay warm as well. Thom will be partying at a North Carolina restaurant with the staff of Village Greens. 

What blessings......

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