Sunday, December 21, 2014

Thank You Girls.....

Tami and Cheryl joined together to give Thom one of his favorite to a NY Ranger hockey game. These events are rare as they require a journey to the PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC which is a 4 hour trip.

We left yesterday morning and made a brunch stop at my mother's house where the kids and grands met us and shared a meal. Shortly after noon we were back on the highway and by 3 o'clock were checked in at our hotel. A quick Mickey D dinner and we gathered at the event with thousands and thousands of other transplanted New Yorker's to cheer the team to victory over the Carolina Hurricanes. It was a great game with a win finally coming in a post-overtime shoot out. Thom was in his glory!

Back at Camp Carney early afternoon but somewhat wiped out from the trip. Panther football on TV and a bit of laundry made up the remainder of the day.

Thom settled in for another Ranger game..... this time in his favorite chair.....

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