Saturday, January 31, 2015

Good Days......

Toward the end of last summer I was invited to join an organization dedicated to collecting (in annual dues)  and then disbursing charitable donations among the mostly lesser known and more financially needy ministries in upstate South Carolina. The 555 Giving Circle. Thursday evening my friend Nancy and I enjoyed dinner at her home and attended the annual voting meeting to determine which of the requesting groups would receive shares of the $50,000.00 that had been received. Needless to say it was a hard decision to make and I am anxious to hear the outcome when the ballots are counted.

Yesterday Thom and I traveled to Gastonia. Thom retrieved my mother's car to take it back to Camp Carney for a once over and I continued on to the Tarantino household for some Grandma time with the kids. Emmy and I worked diligently for hours while Brian worked out with his buddy at 9Round. With a little instruction from me Emily prepared a delicious dinner (from scratch) of cheesy chicken, home fries, green beans, carrots and straight from the oven corn bread. She made crumb cake for dessert. We took a break mid-stream to attend Brady's basketball game. Praise from all who consumed her meal!

Stefanie and I chatted a bit before getting a few hours sleep. She was off to a business meeting in Greensboro at 6:15 a.m.. Brian and his overnight friend Jonathan were up shortly after and I drove them to Applebee's where they joined their classmates to become the "wait staff" for a breakfast fundraiser. Emmy and I returned at 9:30 with the Kahn family to support his chorus' effort to subsidize their Disney trip.

Brian was again off with his friend for the day and Olivia, Emmy and I set about purchasing fabric. The girls made excellent students and after a few hours of toil they had cut, pinned and sewn brightly colored new pillowcases to decorate their bedrooms. We ran to Walmart to purchase jumbo fluffy pillows to slide into their creations.....what a super fun time!

Stefanie returned from her trip and it was time for me to get back to my sweet husband who had been slaving away with the paint brush. The bathroom looks wonderful.....a few finishing touches left and maybe a change in color and decor style.....remains to be seen. 

Ranger game and early to bed for me. I love being at the kids but the couch doesn't really provide a great night of sleep.

There are simply no words to express my abundance of blessings....thank You dear Lord......  

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