Tuesday, January 13, 2015


After office work for Becky I got a brief tutorial from Brad on the men's side of Miracle Hill in order to learn the computer entry system for client information. They need some extra help and I'm hoping I can be of service. Our lessons were cut short as my sweet friend Nancy arrived to help me reorganize the store for "daily needs" products. We worked for a few hours emptying boxes and arranging shelves. Another example of work being fun! I plan to head back on Thursday to complete my training and get to work uploading files.

Thom volunteered to travel to Gaffney this morning to familiarize himself with the Men's Ministry at the crisis pregnancy center in Cherokee county. He will be an integral part of CPC's dream of reaching dads as well as moms! So proud of the Godly man he is and his willingness to serve the Lord when called upon. He will do a great job. 

When I arrived home from the mission Thom was busy at our neighbors repairing the water heater but by afternoon we were both at Camp Carney involved in our own household chores. 

Post dinner reading and a bit of TV. Disappointing ranger game.....

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