Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Rant......

Too much late night coffee kept sleep at arms length till almost 1 a.m.. No biggy.....slept till the alarm bellowed at 7:00 and felt well rested.

Surprisingly our Pastor's message did not focus on Sanctity of Life Sunday but was inspiring none the less motivating us to witness and share what Christ has done in our lives. 

The SS lesson however took an in depth look at scripture involving God's view of human life from conception to death. We are called to action to defend life and Christians everywhere should be committed to eradicating the atrocity of abortion. If only all could be motivated to have their voices heard......not just shake your head in disapproval or nod in agreement with the view point from the pulpit.......get those butts out of the pews and speak up. I wonder how many in that class know that in our great state a woman can have an abortion up until 9 months? How many know there is legislation being proposed in the state house as well as on the federal level to prevent abortion after 20 weeks gestation? (at least a step toward abolishing Roe vs. Wade) How many have made their votes count or their voices heard? Likely, not many......very sad. Enough of my frustration....

A few errands after service, a dog walk and home and car vacuumed.

Back at evening service for a lesson from the Old Testament book of Habakkuk. The world of this prophet was sadly similar to ours: moral decay, violence and ungodliness abounding. Not very uplifting. We are assured however that God is in control and our trust in His mercy and goodness will prevail.

Home and another overdose of caffeine as I watch a little TV and read a bit.

Unwinding necessary.....

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