Saturday, April 4, 2015

Holy Week.....

We started Thursday off with a stop back at CPC. Thom needed to check the plumbing and we did a few odds and ends before leaving for a day in Gastonia. We spent time with my mother, Thom stayed to do her "chore" list while I enjoyed a Cracker Barrel lunch with Stefanie,we later gathered with the Kahns for dinner and all regrouped at their church for a Maundy Thursday service. The men of the congregation did a living "Last Supper" and Steve was Matthew. Each disciple rose and spoke for a few minutes and the presentation was excellent. We had communion at family tables (something I had never done before) where the bread and juice was passed from person to person. It was very personal and I loved it. 

After service Thom and I headed up the road to watch Emmy's volleyball practice. Finally after a long day we loaded the Tarantino kiddies into the car and they returned to Camp Carney with us.

Yesterday was super. Another few hours at CPC welcoming Senator Ted Cruz and family to the ministry. He spoke to Brian and Emmy a few moments and the four of us had our picture taken with him. Who knows we may have a photo of us with the President!
It was pizza and egg coloring at Colleen's and Stefanie arrived about 7:15 for a leftover slice and the messy egg adventure. Loads of fun and home late.

Up and doing neglected chores all day as well as cake decorating and Easter preparations. Beautiful sunshine and warmish temps make labors easier.

Thank You sweet Lord for blessing your sinful servant in ways as numerous as the sand on the seashore......

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