Friday, April 24, 2015


The banquet was spectacular! 

We worked till shortly after noon yesterday and returned home to fancy up for the evening. Awesome is the word that comes to mind when I recap the venue, the decor, the food and the speaker!!!!

Everyone was astounded at the "opening night" theme which resonated through the entire hall (makes me wish I posted photos on my blog). Thom and I along with other board of directors members greeted the guests (1300 people) as they entered and we were privy to all the flattering comments.....very cool.

Our table guests were family and friends (blessed that Colleen, Stefanie, Janice came as well as my mother and aunt). CPC is such a large part of our lives I was thrilled to share this experience with them. 

Brian Ivie, director of The Drop Box, was our speaker. He shared his testimony as well as the story of Pastor Lee in Korea (which inspired his film). He was witty and charming but more importantly devoted to the Lord and willing to recount his salvation from sin to a captivated audience. 

Everyone had a wonderful time.

This morning we were privileged to join with 20 or so other folks for breakfast with Brian and get to know him more personally. From breakfast he went to Spartanburg Christian Academy to speak to the students and then to our CPC office before heading to the airport and back to California. 

After our morning repast Thom and I were back at the Expo center dismantling, packing and cleaning. Finally mid-afternoon we headed was over.

Rangers and Mets tonight.

Thank You most merciful and gracious Lord for intervening in lives to bring us to Yourself......

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