Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Constant motion....that is how I would define the last two days. 

Monday saw operation cleanup here at Camp Carney followed by a ride up the road to Gastonia. We got there late afternoon fitting in an on the go dinner, a short but impressive tour of the Kahn's new house and parking ourselves in the stands to watch Olivia play volleyball. Her team lost the tie breaker.....she is just so cute out there!

Another whirlwind day for me today and a labor intensive one for Thom on the home front. I have been joyfully recruited to be a mentor in the MOPS program at First Baptist North Spartanburg and attended my first group meeting this morning. This will now become my Tuesday morning commitment and I'll head from there to Miracle Hill.....can't bail on my favorite homeless shelter! 

I left First North for CPC where I met my client for our Bible study. Home about 3:45. Quick leftovers with my hubby and back on the road for a Circle 555 meeting on the east side of town. Two ministries made presentations....both worthy of grant money. 

Finally home to stay at 8:30.

P.j.s and coffee.....blessings abound in my life.....thank You sweet Lord......

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