Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Last Minute.....

Rejuvenated by a relatively relaxing few days we made short notice plans to have the Gastonia crowd share Memorial Day at Camp Carney. It was obviously spontaneous.....Little Caesars was the dinner menu and snacks were simply whatever was in the pantry.

Despite the less then gourmet repast we had a perfect day. There were hours of splashing in the pool, all the kiddies surveyed the lake in both the canoe and pedal boat, some corn hole, volleyball, basketball, biking and long walks. Excellent!

Very early alarm this morning. A friend requested Thom's expertise at home improvements to prepare for a pending graduation party and I went to the house with him as a gofer. She had a list a mile long and Thom worked diligently all day but barely managed half the projects (hanging fans, rewiring her kitchen outlets, 5 or 6 light fixtures mounted etc.). Will return tomorrow after CPC and golf in hopes of finishing up. I took a midday break for my CPC bible study. 

Home and Thom was off to a CPC board meeting. Unfortunately he made the trip without knowing it had been cancelled! 

Relaxed and gearing up for the Ranger/Lightening game. It's win or go home......

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