Thursday, June 4, 2015

Let's See.....

Great day yesterday at CPC. The office was overflowing with cakes baked by staff, volunteers and friends of the ministry for a luncheon honoring our local police. The smell of chocolate cake lingered long after the delicacies had been sliced and packed for serving. No leftovers.....bummer!

Quick dinner after a long day and off to prayer meeting. 

Thom is temporarily back to work at the golf course on Thursdays so he had an early alarm and was gone till mid-afternoon. I managed to get my house cleaning finished while he was off earning the big money. Divot got treated to two walks today with an afternoon spin on the lake in between.....beautiful weather and the three of us enjoyed the minor drop in temperature. 

Some bible study and a bit of TV to end the day.....

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