Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Thom had a "well visit" to the doctor early Monday morning. When he returned we both headed up to church to purge the food pantry and load up the "soon to be expired" food for me to deliver to the shelter. As luck would have it the Pastor snagged Thom for his computer skills and as I trekked up and down the stairs a thousand times with grocery bags Thom was parked in the Pastor's cool and comfortable office behind the desk fixing his non-functioning laptop. Oh well, I needed the exercise!

A busy afternoon and he was off to a CPC Board of Directors meeting. It was a late one. Being chairman requires more work but he loves it.

Today was Thom's day as a homebody. I had a MOPS meeting at 9:00 that ran till noon. I enjoyed a Panera lunch with Becky then went back to Miracle Hill with her to work on the volunteer reports and unload my van full of food items.

Home to a meal of leftovers and watching the clouds hoping for a little more rain.

A day of enormous blessings. So grateful.....

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