Tuesday, January 5, 2016


It's not easy getting back on track after the holiday season....I have lost track of days and my routine is out of order!

This week I headed to the mission on Monday to help Becky get end of year totals compiled and joined Thom for food shopping after lunch.

This morning it was the MOPS steering committee meeting with a free afternoon to work on my bible study. Thom has been hard at work dismantling and power scrubbing our bathroom.....he gets the electric buffer and does the shower and doors along with the deep cleaning of every crevice and hiding place for yuck. Finishing that he re-caulks everything and it's like having a brand new bathroom!

Finally winter temps outside so while he may bundle up and take Divot for a stroll I'll choose the stationery bike for exercise. 

Good day at home with my hubby.......

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