Saturday, March 12, 2016

Us And Tanner......

Oh my gosh....I had an almost sleepless night (3 a.m. was my last glance at the clock) and needed 2 power naps today just to stay awake and functioning.

The Carneys slept well according to all reports and headed to Greenville near 7:15 a.m.. I set about putting the house back in order while Thom and Tanner set out in the pontoon for some morning fishing. Tanner caught 4 and was delighted. He fished on and off between trike rides, dog walking and games of Sequence. His parents retrieved him near 5 and Thom and I had a quiet, restful dinner.

Spring is here and I love the fresh air and open doors. Uplifting, energizing, attitude changing weather......

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