Sunday, July 17, 2016

Getting Back To Blogging......

Business, laziness, travel, commitments and a variety of other distractions have kept me from this sweet little sharing venue. 

June was a super full month with MOPS meetings, Miracle Hill work, days at CPC and VBS at church. The month was highlighted by our trip up north where we spent wonderful days in Pennsylvania with Pop and Dot, sweet time with Cheryl, Gregg and the kiddies and topped off by attending and celebrating our precious grandson Michael's high school graduation with him and the Santulli gang. Loved seeing family! 

June closed with a few days of visiting granddaughters....Olivia spent one overnight but Emmy lingered for 4 days and I loved it. The Kahn and Tarantino clan came that Saturday (July 2) to claim her and it was a super, super fun day!

The week of the 4th ended with a bang! Last Friday brought a tornado our way (no, the weatherman will not officially declare it as such but we were there). The house shook, the doors rattled and the howling through the rooms was about as scary as it gets. It lasted a few minutes and left quite the disaster in it's wake. Power was out from downed trees and snapped power poles while in our own yard we lost a half dozen trees and had tons of dangling limbs. The deck furniture was lifted off the deck and laying in the yard and the hail left dozens of golf ball size holes in our vinyl siding. What a mess.

After 30 hours we had lights, AC and refrigeration and had accomplished what we could in the cleanup effort. The tree service came Sunday evening and Monday morning the property was full of huge equipment. The job continued till Thursday with 30 trees removed and many trimmed to eliminate potential damage. The insurance representative arrived Friday and evaluated the house damage. We are waiting on that crew to start.

Must say it was an expensive storm.....probably run us $10,000 for the uninsured work. Ugh!

Life continued during reconstruction and I had a blessed day at MOPS, Miracle Hill and CPC during the week. Thursday we had dinner in Gastonia with the gang up there and Friday Colleen and the kiddies came for the afternoon and evening. We swam, did crafts and played games.....joyous!

Okay, that brings me somewhat up to date and I will make an effort to get back in the blogging habit..... 

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