Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Comings and Goings At Camp Carney......

The Carney crew arrived after church on Sunday and spent the day between pool and boat. Tanner got in a little net fishing off the dock and actually caught quite a few fish (of course all catch and release). It was toasty but between big and little pool everyone managed to stay wet and reasonably comfy. The 10 of them loaded into their van after dinner and Thom and I collapsed exhausted from all the busyness of 8 kids. 

I switched my Miracle Hill day this week and was there yesterday morning to do what I could. Thom kept the construction guys company as they worked to repair the siding damage from the storm. 

Up this morning and waiting on Cheryl and the 5 kids to arrive. She'll have Carson and Lylah with her, Matthew, Ashleigh and Charlie for this week's visit so it will be another Camp Carney fun day with lots of grands. Colleen will join the crowd after work.

Looking forward to a great day with the Jersey visitors......

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