Friday, August 16, 2013

Canine Care.....

This morning during cuddle time with Divot (that precedes their breakfast) I noticed her ear was dramatically swollen. I called Thom's attention to it and as expected the vet was called and she had an afternoon appointment. Although seemingly not painful, she has serious infections in both ears and the swelling is the result of head shaking which has burst blood vessels resulting in pooled blood inside her ear flap. The doctor drained the mass and treated her ears. She is fine but requires constant supervision to keep her head still. She cannot be alone with Nugget as they have a tendency to lick each others ears.....not a good thing right now! I think we will be bringing Nugget for an exam....she's got the head shaking thing going on a bit and if they have to be apart for treatment we might as well take care of it simultaneously

Other then dog news this has been a quiet at home day.....

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