Monday, August 12, 2013


Janice and the little ones arrived mid-afternoon on Saturday and we enjoyed a weekend of swimming, games and a special ice cream treat at Bruster's. Olivia and Brady shared all the stories and lessons they had learned at bible school at their that they are so excited about God's Word!

Thom accompanied the kids to children's church yesterday morning and after service we beat the storms to the pool for a dip. We decided on an early dinner and I followed Janice up the road to spend the night in Gastonia.

Olivia, Brady and I did a little shopping but spent the major part of today playing while Janice toiled at the library. A late visit to my folks before heading back to Lyman and the kiddies to their mom's care. Getting to spend so much time with them is the blessing of Steve's business travels.

Tuckered as usual from all the busyness of children.

Coffee and my book are the plan for the evening.....

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