Thursday, August 29, 2013

Temporary Trauma.....

I love my Wednesdays at CPC. There was a mailing to prepare so when my first client failed to show up I made good use of my time. The later three kept there appointments and it was a good day including fun fellowship during our lunch break. Home to finish a few more hours of wrapping.....completed that task after 11:00 p.m. exhausted!

This morning was an emotional roller coaster. With Thom away on his golfing trip I woke and came downstairs to feed the dogs. Nugget was nowhere in sight and I was perplexed at her absence as she is always enthusiastically jumping around and wagging her tail in greeting. Looking outside I found her lying on the concrete looking pathetic. She barely responded to my call and slowly entered the garage where she lay back down eyes barely open. She refused her food and was unresponsive to coaxing to eat. I was a mess! Called Thom for advise.....not sure why, what could he do from so far away. Called the vet , explained her condition and made an appointment. I checked on her a time or two then showered and dressed. Near 10:00 o'clock I opened the back door to see how she was and there was Nugget........upright, tail going and leading me to her food bowl which I  had placed on the shelf. She ate her breakfast (although a bit slower then usual) and appeared to be close to normal. What a relief.

I decided to enjoy a planned lunch date with Jan and we had a great time. Returning home I loaded Nugget into the van and traveled to the vet. Although she has some tumor issues, all her vitals were fine and the doctor said she had no real idea what may have caused the scary episode. A rabies shot and we were on our way home.

Thom passed us on the road (he was going to meet us at the vet) and we returned to Camp Carney together.

Good to have my hubby back (especially in crisis situations).....thankful for Nugget's return to normal.

Amazing how animals become so much a part of the family.....they are a special gift from God.....

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