Sunday, September 22, 2013


Today was Homecoming at Holston Creek. I don't quite understand homecoming. If you are returning to your "home" church from which you have likely been gone for years and years how in the world are you supposed to know when homecoming is so you can show up? I guess if your relatives still attend that church they could share that information but otherwise????

Whatever...... Today was my first day as Children's SS Director. Fancy title for not much of a job. Make sure all the teachers are there and their needs are met.....that's it. I can handle that! We had a special worship service with all the old photographs and a trip down memory lane followed by a yummy midday meal.

Beautiful pre-fall weather for a walk and entertaining football game. A pontoon lake cruise to top off the afternoon.

Thank You Lord for bringing me "home" to You. Praying all those I know and love will someday share the home You have prepared for us in heaven.....

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