Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rain Or Shine.....

A full  Friday and dinner at the Beacon with our SS class. I don't really know why we go there, the food is not that good and way too salty. Guess it's the company and an evening out.

Rain threatened this morning but we headed to Gastonia anyway for Brady's soccer game and a day of family visiting. He played great and it was fun to watch. Thom, Stefanie and I ran a few errands and ordered the cake for my dad's birthday party then spent time at their house chatting in the living room and drinking coffee. The three of us left there and zipped the few blocks to Janice and Steve's. We hung there a while and got to spend a bit of time with the kiddies and some grown up conversation in between. Good times.

Not a late day and home for a tuna sandwich supper to finish the day. Relaxed and listened to the rain for the remainder of the evening.

Thank You Lord for everything.....

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