Thursday, September 12, 2013

Many Places......

Busy from the get go this morning. At 8:30 i was sitting in the dentist chair awaiting my 6 month checkup, home by 9:30 and on the way to CPC by 10:15.

Thom had a meeting with the staff continuing to coordinate the first annual CPC golf tournament. Plans are coming along great....should be an amazing event! I hung out in the volunteer area and had a fun time with the birthday festivities that were going on for Debra's special day.

A stop or two along the way and arrived at my parent's house shortly after 2 p.m.. A quiet visit with them. My dad has gotten so thin and weak it's hard for him to have the energy to even visit for a period of time. He did manage to spent a few hours engaged in conversation and that was a good thing. I had made him his favorite apple pie and he actually ate some!

A brief stop to see the Kahn's and a half hour or so at the soccer field watching Brady practice.....he's really good.....speedy and aggressive. Finally traveled home.


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