Wednesday, September 18, 2013

There And Here......

Tuesday was spent in Gastonia primarily in and out of doctor's offices with my dad. My mother is no longer able to get him in and out of the car so Thom is the "muscle man" now. I am so grateful for all my sweet husband is willing to do. We arrived before 9 and returned to their house about 3:30. My father was exhausted so we left him to take a nap and also give my mother a chance to relax.

We headed to the Kahn's and Thom was able to snooze for a bit while Janice and I entertained the kiddies outside in the wonderful weather. From there we headed off to watch Emmy play volleyball and later all of us dined on pizza at Stefanie's after the game.

Today was great at CPC as usual and Thom had a winning golf day. Evening service concluding our study of Revelation.

Duck Dynasty and now off to finish "Happy, Happy, Happy"......

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