Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Last Goodbye.......

We gathered at the church for my dad's funeral service yesterday morning. It was a somber time. Brian distributed roses to each attendee and each person placed a bloom on my dad's coffin once it was removed from the sanctuary. It was a lovely gesture and provided the final goodbye moment as we circled the hearse in the portico and it drove away.

Our pastor drove up for the mass along with a cousin from Raleigh, several of Stefanie and Janices' friends, my lifelong friends Blanche and Don, and many of my parents' neighbors. Sweet Colleen made the trip and we are so appreciative for her love and comfort.

The family and a few friends enjoyed lunch at was the perfect setting for a stress relieving meal accompanied by much conversation and laughter. We took  mom home and relaxed for a bit before making preparations to receive friends that evening. She napped the time away which was perfect.

The house was packed with people from 5 to 7 expressing their condolences and consistently offering any needed assistance. TJ and Terra made the trip and I am so grateful for their hugs and thoughtfulness.

An amazing bouquet from edible arrangements arrived mid-afternoon from Cheryl and Tami's families wonderful of them (and so delicious). We also received one from Steve's mom grateful.

Near 7 another neighbor delivered a delicious and complete meal (for 10). While we were all stuffed and exhausted we dined enthusiastically.

No words can express my thankfulness for the outpouring of love, thoughtfulness and support from family, church and friends. In difficult times those kind hearts full of tenderness and compassion always respond.

My sweet father is with Jesus.......I rejoice!

The Lord has blessed my time on earth.....I rejoice!

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